What Do College Students of Color Need To Succeed?


Patrick J. Sims
Deputy Vice Chancellor for Diversity & Inclusion, University of Wisconsin-Madison

Patrick J. Sims was hired as vice provost for diversity and climate in 2013, after serving as interim vice provost. Recently taking on the title of deputy vice chancellor for diversity and inclusion, in addition to vice provost and chief diversity officer, Sims oversees the Division of Diversity, Equity and Educational Achievement. The division supports the mission of the University of Wisconsin-Madison as it works to create a diverse, inclusive, and excellent learning and work environment for all students, faculty, staff, alumni and others who partner with the university. Sims joined the faculty at the University of Wisconsin-Madison in 2004, where he became the first African American to serve as chair of the Department of Theater and Drama. Sims is the founder of TCSA, the Theatre for Cultural and Social Awareness and served abroad to launch pilot TCSA programs as visiting faculty. Before joining the faculty at UW-Madison, Sims was a company member at the Oregon Shakespeare Festival as well as a faculty associate in the Department of Theatre and Dance at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee. There he served as a founding member and artistic director of the Human Experience Theatre (HET). TCSA and HET are interactive theatre-based training models that dramatize sensitive subject matters for universities, corporate and non-profit organizations in the United States.